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Copyediting, Rewriting, Proofreading

Language Resources also provides top-rate service to clients who draft their own documents in English but need them to be carefully edited not only for grammatical accuracy but also for naturalness and cultural appropriacy and localization. A product catalogue, for example, written in poor English will create a poor image of both the product and the company itself. Language Resources provides creative editing services to overcome this problem. The final work is so natural it appears as though it was written in English from the beginning, thus enhancing the image of the company and of its products. Our proofreading and editing services cover a wide range of business, technical and academic fields. This service can be performed either at Language Resources or the client’s premises.

Tape Transcription
Language Resources provides a tape transcription service from tape, CD or DVD recordings of international conferences, business meetings and negotiations, etc. In most cases, the original language is English, which is transcribed and often key parts of such transcriptions are subsequently followed up with translation into, for example, Japanese.
Client Profiles
Clients range from local SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to Fortune 500 multinationals, as well as individuals. They include:
  • Automotive industry
  • Educational institutions
  • Environment agencies
  • Financial services
  • Hospitals and clinicians
  • Individual academics and researchers
  • Insurance industry
  • Light and heavy engineering companies
  • Local government agencies
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Medical research institutions
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Semi-conductor manufacturers
  • Shipping industry
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